The United Arab Emirates offers a landscape confusing by its blending between futuristic buildings and desert as far as the eye can see.

Dubai has experienced a meteoric rise in recent decades that has made this small emirate one of the top 10 most visited cities in the world.

Although the desert is magnificent and, as you will see as you read this article, unsuspected landscapes have crept into the "bling bling" universe of the Emirates, this destination is more for festive outings than for discovering nature.

We take you to the land of camels, sand, luxury and abayas, bring your flip-flops!

D1 to 4 | Dubai

Dubai, an oversized city emerging from the Arabian desert, is the scene of all the madness of the Emirates.

The craziest projects see the light of day and thus contribute to the maintenance of the Dubai paradox.

  • Ski runs with outside temperature of 50 degrees
  • Golf courses with superb greens in the middle of the drought
  • Aquariums where species that are not used to living together, converse in the middle of a shopping centre


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D5 | Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. I do not hide from you that from a tourist point of view it was not for us the blow of heart of the voyage.

The great mosque is nevertheless very impressive and of a great beauty. Plan, ladies, a scarf to cover your head, as well as loose clothes to be able to enter while respecting the place of worship.

No panic if by chance you are not equipped because of the heat, you can borrow an abaya for the time of the visit, the same applies for gentlemen regarding the shorts.

The mosque is really worth a visit.

Then go for a walk on the corniche to the Emirates Palace, you can stop for a coffee inside admiring the gilding that covers the inside of the palace.

As in Dubai you will have here the possibility to do all kinds of activities in the desert.

D6 | Musandam Peninsula

For our 6th day we decided to spend a day in the Musamdam Peninsula, in the northern part of Oman.

Oman is effectively split in two with a small part in the north of the Emirates, the rest of the country being located to the east.

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D7 | Oman

Unfortunately, we only had one day to give the rest of Oman, but it deserves much more. We decided to go hiking in Jabel Shams, a beautiful and endless canyon. Plan to rent a 4x4 for this part as the roads can be very difficult. You will also need compulsory insurance to cross the Oman border with your vehicle.

If you have more time, go to Muscat, capital of Oman and go for a walk in the wadis, small oases in the middle of the desert.

  • The Musamdam Peninsula
  • Wakeboarding in Dubai
  • Plan a 4×4 for Jebel Shams, the roads are sometimes very rough
  • If you are renting a car from Dubai, be sure to pay insurance for Oman if you want to cross the border!

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