The Blue Mountains National Park is one of Australia's most famous parks.

It has nearly 140km of trail on 1436 km2 and 1000 m deep, if you are in love with hiking and nature this park is made for you!

It takes 2 hours from Sydney by train from Central Station to Katoomba, 2 hours to take a real breath of fresh air and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

From Katoomba you have many hiking departures for all levels. Thanks to the different points of view, you can easily admire the bluish emanations of the eucalyptus trees that gave the park its name.

Not to be missed: the Echo point of Katoomba, from where you will have a breathtaking view of the 3 Sisters (40 min walk from the station). You can then discover the aboriginal legends explaining how the 3 sisters Meehni, Wimlah and Gunnedoo were transformed into stone.

Beware, the point of view being accessible by car and bus, it is often very busy, which takes away a little of the serenity of the place...

But no matter, after your hike stay and admire the sunset, it is magical !

Among the various hikes, we recommend the one that starts behind the Echo Point visitor center. You can follow the path leading to the 3 sisters through the Giant Stairway. You will engage in a long descent of about thirty stairs and a little more than 900 steps.

You will then enter the bush, where you can hear the many birds present in the forest. Very soothing and pleasant. At the end of the loop, you can walk back or take the Scenic World funicular.

It takes about 2 hours to walk back to Echo Point.

To spend the night, we opted for the YHA hostel, rather friendly and clean.

The next day, we decide to do one of the most legendary hikes of the park, the Grand Canyon.

We take the bus from Katoomba to Blackheath. Remember to check the schedules, there are very few bus during the day. Before starting, go eat a waffle at True to the bean, they are very good.

This hike is really our favorite of the Blue Mountains. You will descend into the canyon for about 3 hours of walking (ascent included), really grandiose. Try to arrive early enough to avoid tourists, to make the route even more magical. Be careful, as you go down the canyon, think of saving forces for the ascent 🙂

If you came by car, count a good half an hour by road to reach the starting car park at the end of the hike. If like us, you are on foot, continue by the short hike which will lead you to Govetts Leap lookout.

Then count a good half hour to reach the station of Blackheath.

We then took the train back to Sydney, but if you have time, stop at Glenbrook, a little further into the Blue Mountains to try to see kangaroos.

Clearly a must during your stay in Sydney.

  • The sunset on the 3 sisters
  • The Grand Canyon Hiking
  • Parrots at dawn

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