Today we are taking you to live a special experience, which was on our bucket list (here :)) for a long time, diving with sharks in Australia.

We decided to try the experience at the Wolf Rock spot in Rainbow beach. Rainbow Beach is also a starting point for the famous Fraser Island (article here).

Wolf Rock is the only place on the east coast where you can watch the Grey Nurse Shark all year round. It was with the Wolf Rock Dive Center that we faced our fear of sharks.

How it is going? Which certification? To see what? At what price ? We tell you everything!

What you need to know before diving with sharks

This dive is considered as a deep dive, as you will descend to about 30m depth.

You will need to hold the PADI Advanced Open Water or Level 2 certification. If you only have the Open Water or Level 1 certification (to know all about how to pass the open water it is here). You must then pass the deep dive certificate.

The dive center offers several options:

  1. Complete the Advanced Open Water (2 days, 5 dives) - $720
  2. Begin the Advanced Open Water (1 day, 2 dives "DEEP" and "FISH ID" or "BOAT") - $470. You will then have to complete 3 dives in the club of your choice to be certified
  3. Pass your Deep Adventure Dive certificate (1 day, 2 dives) - $300 (our choice)

Passing the deep dive certificate, how it works ?

In our case we chose the last option, 2 dives: one for the deep dive certificate and one for the fun.

If you have not been diving for 12 months or if you want to refresh your memory before jumping in the big bath with the sharks, you can do a "refresh dive" in a pool with the club ($80). An instructor will then remind you all the good dive practices and help you to prepare your gear before taking a short dive.

You will also need to review the deep dive chapter of the PADI book (loaned by the club if needed) and answer a few questions about deep dive rules. The next day, you will sweep with the instructor the key points of the chapter and he will then explain the additional risks of a deep dive.

The next day, with the instructor, you will review the key points of the chapter, he will then explain the additional risks in deep dive. Then usual brief, depth, time, place, buddy, reminder of signs and safety instructions.

You will then follow with the usual dive briefing: depth, time, site, buddy, reminder of the signs, safety instructions, etc.

What you need to know about the sharks

The species you will see is the Grey Nurse Shark. It is a protected and threatened species and you can not touch them of course (do you really want to touch them? :)).

If they feel threatened, sharks will tend to flee rather than attack you. During your dive, they will probably be sleeping, but they can be awakened by the bubbles of your regulator, imagine being awake because you are blown on ... This can be unpleasant.

If this happens, they will emit a loud bang before fleeing, you will not be able to see them ... Follow your guide and you will not have any worries 🙂

Our experience

Definitely it is worth it! Diving with the sharks has been one of our best experiences. If you like diving, you can't be disappointed by this adventure. We were delighted with our visit to the Wolf Rock Dive. The club is awesome, the team is welcoming and attentive, they will be there to reassure you and you will feel safe.

We had an appointment at the club at 7:45 am for the briefing before leaving on their atypical boat "evolution". The site is 45min sailing, don't forget to take seasickness caplets if needed! Other than that, you do not need to bring anything, the team takes care of everything, coats for the wind, snack, water, sunscreen, etc.

It will take you little time to understand that you are on a particular site where the fauna is very rich. It will depend on the season (we left mid-June), but we had the chance to observe from the boat several whalesdolphins, a manatee and a turtle, all without having put the head in the water!

Underwater conditions can vary from one day to another: visibility, current, etc. In our case the water was rather cold, and the visibility was not particularly good but that will not prevent you from being impressed by the sharks!

Once descended to 30 meters, we were able to observe about fifteen grey nurs sharks, a wobbegong sharks, twoeagle rays and a lot of fish, including clown poisons.

After the second dive, return to the club around 14h for a beer and cookies, and a stamp on your logbook. Adventure at the top, we can only recommend you to brave the "big bad wolf" with the Wolf Rock Dive team!

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