Croatia is a real piece of paradise at only 2 hours of flight from Paris.

You will dive in a green nature and will not be disappointed by its very sunny climate and the blue color of the water. Its national parks will make you dream, but be patient and get up early, they can be crowded in high season.

We take you to the land of heavenly islands, turquoise lakes and waterfalls put on your flip flops !

D1 & 2 | Split and its surroundings

It is in Split that we begin our journey. Split is a small town lined with ramparts which gives it a special charm and a very lively atmosphere on the seafront.

1h from Split, let's go to Krka Park. To do so, take a boat from the small village of Skradi which will take you directly into the park. The free boat trip will put you directly in the Croatian atmosphere, green reliefs throwing into a clear blue sea, the change of scenery is total.

Arrived at the park, ballads of approximately 1h are proposed (in reality the ballads can be faster but the crowd slows down the rhythm). Swimming is allowed in the waterfalls, but you won't be the only ones who want to refresh yourself.

On your way back, take the time to explore Skradi, a beautiful little Croatian village. The restaurants around the boat are very touristic, prefer the small food truck Fast Food Skradi in front of the tourist office. The sandwiches are very good and you can already start to enjoy the local specialties with the Cevapi (sausage sandwich).

D3 | Zadar

Direction Zadar for the 3rd day of our trip, count 2h15 from Krka park.

The city walls are surrounded by the sea, take the time to go around and admire the sunset with a glass at a terrace. The city is very nice and you can get away with cheap dinners and breakfasts.

D4 | Plitvice

It is as of the 4th day that we decided to attack the famous Park of Plitvice, count 2h of road from Zadar.

Arrive early if you want to enjoy a little peace, the park is very very busy. Several hikes are proposed in the park. We chose a 9km hike lasting about 4 hours with a very quiet pace.

We took the path in the opposite direction to try to avoid the crowd...

The lakes are magnificent, the turquoise water, the green vegetation, the landscapes are grandiose. You can take a boat halfway back if you don't get discouraged by the queue...

D5 | Makarska

Direction Makarska ! On the way you can stop for a dive at Brela beach. The water is a bit cool but the landscape is worth the detour. Marskarska is a village near the Croatian mountains, from the village you can join several hikes or, by car, go to Biokovo National Park.

The park of Biokovo is crossed by a very very very narrow and winding road, which will give you your dose of adrenaline, if you have vertigo abstain yourself.

Take your time to climb, crossings between cars can be dangerous. In the park some hiking trails are accessible. The place is very windy, get a wind break and hang on!

The park is very beautiful and the view from the top is magnificent, you can even see the Italian coasts on the horizon !

D6 | Mljet

Then take the ferry to the island of Mljet, undoubtedly our favorite part of the trip. The island being very wild, it is not easy to find accommodation and the prices soar quickly.

Count 100kr per person for the entrance to the park. But what a surprise, the park is magnificent, preserved and for once deserted, which will allow you to enjoy it in peace.

We advise you to take a bike tour. Different packages are available for rent, we decide to rent for 6h. The island is relatively flat and the trails are accessible to everyone. The lake in the middle of the island is a little bit cold, but the desire to swim in this small paradise will quickly make you jump.

Also not to be missed, a short hike to reach the heights of Mljet (count about 1h), the view from the summit is breathtaking. You will finally enjoy Croatian nature with the feeling of being alone.

D7 to 9 | Dubrobvnik

We continue our journey south to finish our stay with a weekend in Dubrovnik.

To know more about those 2 days, it's here 

For our last day, we decide to go to admire the seabed while taking our first dive at the Diving Center Blue Planet, located slightly outside of the city.

The welcome was not very warm, but the teacher is very competent. He takes the time to explain the basics and gives us a lot of freedom for a first dive. We are conquered 🙂

  • A bike ride in Mljet
  • Plitvice National Park
  • 2 days in Dubrobvnik

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