Dubai, the most emblematic city in the United Arab Emirates, famous for its luxury hotels, futuristic buildings and unusual activities. The city is made up of districts quite different from each other, with an atmosphere which are proper to each of them.

We visited the most popular of the metropolis: Marina, Jumerah, Downtown and old Dubai without forgetting to go for a ride in the desert!

What to do to make the most of Dubai in 4 days?

Dubai Marina

The marina is one of Dubai's newest districts, located about 20 kilometres from the city centre. With nearly 490 hectares, Dubai Marina is the largest marina in the world.

Many activities are possible: boat trips, wakeboarding, parachute jumping or shopping at the Marina Mall...

You can walk along the JBR waterfront and enjoy the small shops and restaurants along the beach.

For our part we opted for a wakeboard session. The incredible view of the skyline in the background, will make you feel the Dubai art of living.

In the evening we advise you to take a walk on the palm for dinner at Stay or 101 accessible by car or boat. The place is peaceful and trendy and the cooking very good, attention, the bill can quickly climb.

If you feel like going out for a drink opt instead for Yot from the intercontinental Marina or the Budha Bar a sure bet.

Jumerah Beach

Jumerah Beach stretches along the Dubai coast. From the beach you can admire the Burj Al Arab, the luxury hotel in the shape of a giant sail, built on an artificial island.

At coffee time go at the Comptoir 102, a concept store launched by French people, which offers a healthy cuisine. The place is very trendy and worth the detour.

At the end of the evening come to admire the sunset on the beach, the colors on Burj Al Arab offer a magnificent landscape.


Downtown, the city's nerve centre, where buildings intermingle with crowds of tourists and expatriates. Start with a brunch at John The Grocers with an industrial spirit, pastries and smoothies are to fall.

Continue your visit with a tour of the malls, an essential part of a stay in Dubai. The choice is yours, you can put your skis on at Emirates Mall or admire the aquarium at Dubai Mall. This one remains the most impressive by its size and luxury.

Of course, don't miss to climb the Burj Khalifa, the highest tower in the world with its 829 meters. Count 350 AED (about 80€) to go up to the 148th floor. The distance that separates you from the ground is then so important that the feeling of vertigo is non-existent.

To finish in tradition go to eat a tajine or a couscous at the Moroccan Tajine restaurant of The Palace.

Old Dubai

Old Dubai is the historic district of the city, although Dubai is not an old city as we understand it in Europe, it is in this district that you will find the oldest buildings and the most authentic spirit of Dubai, far from the race to modernity of downtown. It is divided into two districts: Bur Dubai and Deira, you can cross the Creek for a few dirhams in a typical small boat.

Take a stroll through the spice souks and the gold market to try to imagine what Dubai was like a few years ago.

You can also go to the museum on the history of Dubai, very fast.

Finish the day at the Arabian Tea House at the entrance of the Iranian district, on the Deira side, the setting is bewitching.

The desert

The desert occupies most of the United Arab Emirates. A stretch of sand as far as the eye can see that offers many activities: buggy, quad, surfing on the dunes, 4x4, camel riding...

Our choice was a buggy and quad tour, accompanied by a local not to get lost in the desert. Fun and a change of scenery guaranteed!

Finally, prepare your picnic and go admire the sunset in the desert.

Perhaps one of the most beautiful experiences of the trip. Cover up, because temperatures are dropping with the sun's rays!

  • Counter 102 for a coffee
  • 101 for a dinner
  • Budha Bar for a drink
  • John the Grocers for a brunch
  • Renting a car is mandatory, distances are long and sidewalks are non-existent
  • Although there are no mandatory dress restrictions, still prefer long clothing and avoid affectionate demonstrations in public (more out of respect than obligation)
  • A sweater for the malls, air conditioning is at maximum, it will avoid you the thermal shock

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