Direction NordKapp, the (almost) northernmost point in Europe! It is actually Knivskjellodden located at 1,611 meters further north, which is the northernmost point ... But that doesn't take away the beauty and character of the place.

To reach the North Cape you can either go by boat or by car, since recently a tunnel allows you to cross the sea.

If you take the boat you will then stop at Honningsvag, the last city before North Cape, the stage is set, you will have the impression of venturing to the North Pole. Honningsvag is equidistant from the North Pole and Oslo (just over 1300 miles).

A little story about Honningsvag, the locality fights with Hammerfest (further south) to win the title of "northernmost city in the world". Honningsvag is undoubtedly further north than Hammerfest, except that Hammerfest has more than 5,000 inhabitants, which officially makes it a "town".

Excursions are offered by the boat company Hurtigruten to reach the North Cape, on our side, we preferred to do the road by ourselves.


The road is dangerous and although you only have 22 km to cover, it becomes a real adventure (at least in winter).

The change of scenery is total, you will discover a grandiose landscape, of an immaculate white, without habitation nor vegetation in this snowy desert.

The last 13 km are done by convoy in winter, it is frequent that it snows on the road, you will be framed by a snow plough and a 4x4 for your safety.


Arrived at the top, you are there, only a few hundred kilometers from the North Pole, the landscape is magnificent.

You will find a building allowing you to warm up while waiting for the return convoy. You can also eat or buy a small souvenir of this mythical place.

  • Snow tyres required for access in winter
  • Cash to pay the entrance to the site

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