After a first diving experience in Croatia, we decided to get the PADI Open Water..

What is PADI Open Water?

PADI Open Water is a diving certification issued by PADI. You can also pass Level 1 of the French system, these two certifications are almost equivalent. Level 1 allows you to go down to 20m, the Open Water 18m, but you will not be considered autonomous for a Level 1 whereas in Open Water you will be able to dive in autonomy with a diver of your level or higher.

In practice, these two levels are more or less the same, in general you will dive always accompanied even certified of an Open Water.

The purpose of this certification is to be able to take underwater hikes of about 45 min to admire the seabed in any country.

If you don't have it, you will have to do a baptism first, which will allow you to discover the diving, the breathing in a holder, the bottle, etc. more than to enjoy the aquatic show.

How does it work?

Out of water :

You will learn how to manage your equipment, prepare it and check it. You will also learn how to prepare your dive in terms of objectives, time, depth and partner.

If you want to get the level 1, you will have a theoretical course reminding you the risks related to diving, but you won't have an exam.

If you want to get the PADI Open Water: you will need to prepare it at home with the PADI book or with the online courses, and you will have a theoretical exam to pass (no worries, there is no tricky question, if you read the book all will be fine).

Under water :

You will need to do 5 dives to justify your level. During the dives your instructor will teach you the actions, the good reflexes to have in case of incident under water and the attitude to adopt to become a good diver. You will also learn to find yourself underwater and explore.

Our experience

For our part, we decided to get our PADI Open Water at Diving Calvi A Piaghja Diving Club in Calvi Bay.

After some exchanges by email with the club manager, we organized our 3 days of diving mid-July.

We highly recommend this club. We dived with 4 different instructors, all very nice and listening to divers. At the end of each dive the instructor took the time to know our feelings, to reassure us about our doubts, to indicate our improvement points and especially to explain everything about the fish species we had just met. We have discovered the Corsican seabed always in a good mood, a real pleasure!

The diving sensation is just magic, as a diver you will be immersed in another world, a world of tranquility and calm. You will discover an extraordinary feeling of weightlessness.

Count 480 euros for dives, exam, book and certification.

  • Diving Calvi A Piaghja diving club
  • Go Pro
  • A medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of scuba diving

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