Only 1h15 from Paris, Corsica guarantees a total change of scenery. The island of beauty has managed to preserve its coasts and allows to enjoy a beautiful wild environment.

You can combine sea and mountain, mix between idleness and hiking, Corsica offers reliefs and panoramas  on a small territory. It will not be unusual for you to meet a lot of wild sheeps, cows or pigs on the roads.

Be careful of your ratio time-distance, the Corsican remains authentic, the roads too!

Today we take you to the land of pig, cheese, walking, sea and mountain, bring your hiking shoes!

D1 to 3 | Calvi & PADI Open Water

We start our trip by Calvi.

During 3 days, we decided to pass the PADI Open Water.

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D4 to 7 | Hiking the GR20

Corsica is a real land of hiking, many trails cross Corsica from east to west, from north to south. We challenged ourselves to spend 3 days on the GR20, known as one of the most difficult trail in the world.

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D8 – Corte

Corte is located in the center of Corsica, in the hollow of the mountains. With its colorful houses, the historic capital keeps its authenticity.

Take a rest at the Si Mea hotel and go to eat a Bastella at Dulcis, rue du vieux marché, the welcome is warm and friendly.

D9 & 10 | Porto

After a deserved rest we continue our Road to Porto on the west coast of Corsica  and we reached the Mediterranean Sea.

Since Porto, many activities are possible, you will have the opportunity to observe the Calanques by boat, if the weather is kind  (it was not our case, the sea was too rough), We can also keep walking, many hikes are accessible only a few kilometers from Porto.

D11 | The  calanques of Piana

A small walk of 30min from the Calanques road coves will allow you to admire the sunset from the edge of the cliffs, remember to bring your sandwich!

D12 | Capo Rosso

To hike the Cape Rosso, count 45 minutes from Porto by car to reach the trail.

Two versions are possible here, an easy one, accessible to all and a sportier version with climbing. For both, count about 3 hours round trip, the view is breathtaking and totally worth it.

D13 | Zoïcu Canyon

Finally, it is by a canyoning morning  that we finish our journey.

We went through theCanyon Corse, agency, 3h ride in the middle of the Zoïcu canyon. walks in water, jumps, slides and abseiling descent. We advise you to rent the shoes, this will allow you to keep your sneakers dry and especially to have a better grip on the rocks.

If the danger does not scare you, you can jump up to 11m high (jumps are not mandatory).


  • In Calvi :
    • Brunch Restaurant , incredible sea view from the terrace
    • Table di a loghja Restaurant
    • Casa Bianca Hotel
  • In Corte : 
    • Si Mea Hotel
  • In Porto:
    • Tahiti restaurant (on the beach)
    • The Capo Rosso hike
  • Your hiking shoes!

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Pass your PADI open Water
Hiking the GR20

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